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Brick is the New Black

Written by: Michael Mattner

In the modern context, bricks are often used in modest low scale development; however, in the right setting brick can form part of an elegant composition responding to the prevailing architectural character of an area as well as potentially contributing to the future character.

Old Is New Again Bricks have long been utilised as a building material, with fired bricks being used as early as 4000 BC and air-dried bricks being used much earlier than that. The Industrial Revolution saw the production and use of bricks rapidly escalate, and it is this time period which saw the humble brick leave an indelible mark on architecture and built form character.

This Victoria terrace extension in North Melbourne highlights the elegance that brickwork can add to the modern form. The extensive use of glass at ground level allows the first-floor brick composition to float above in a simple yet sophisticated way.

The use of brick in this context responds to the existing immed…

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