Gift Ideas for the Planner or Urban Designer in Your Life

by Danielle Cull

What’s better than a card game where you can win with a smashed avo? And for free! Or a piece of jewellery showing your fave city or brushing up on your Urban Design Essentials? Check out these gift ideas for Christmas for the Planner or Urban Designer on your list:

1. Cards against Urbanity ($ Free)

2. UnGRIDDED Notebooks ($8.00)

3. UnGRIDDED CITIES Coloring Book ($25.00)

4. The Art of Urban Sketching: Drawing on Location Around the World ($25.44)

5. Melbourne Necklace ($40.00)

6. Utopia on DVD – Season 1 & 2 boxset ($34.99)

7. Essentials of Urban Design ($95.40 e-download)

8. Lego Architecture Series ($ Various)


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