Fund Our Future

By Kathryn Cuddihy

Image source: ABC News

According to 'Fund our Future' five million Australians live in the fast-growing suburbs on the outskirts of our capital cities and are confronted daily with congested roads and insufficient public transport.

The campaign is pushing for a policy shift to address the infrastructure backlog and future-proof the outer suburbs by addressing three priorities - road, public transport and health.

They are looking to push the Federal Government to establish a national infrastructure fund that is based on good planning and merit as opposed to what they believe is the currently the trend - projects based on election cycles.

Earlier this week, National Nightmare Commute Day highlighted the struggles faced by those in the outer suburbs as they face their daily commute. Commuters were asked to take to social media using the #FundourFutureAU to highlight their plight.

Glenn Goodfellow, a Councillor with the City of Wyndham stated that commuters face congestion and poor infrastructure on a daily basis. He says that many commuters face congestion on both the roads and public transport.

Do you think that a national fund will go far enough to fix commuter issues or should more be done? What are some other initiatives that could be used to alleviate commuter woes? Carpooling, building good quality services from the outset, investment in creating more employment opportunities in the outer suburbs? We'd love to hear your thoughts.

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