New lease on life for the little red box

By Brad Foletta

Image source: inhabitat
The red British telephone box has been voted - on many occasions - the greatest British design ever and is a quintessential symbol of the country’s culture. However, with rapid changes in communications technology, is this icons days numbered?

Apparently not… the solution – upcycle!

Bar Works a New York based co-working space company is planning to upcycle telephone booths in London, Edinburgh, and Leeds into small offices for entrepreneurs. The ‘Pod Works’ spaces will be equipped with a 25-inch screen, wireless mouse, printer/scanner, power bank, Wi-Fi, and a drinks machine (and they are even heated).

Bar Works CEO Jonathan Black said: “Entrepreneurs and others constantly on the move need a convenient, affordable and private place to work.”

How much would you expect to pay? A mere £19.99 per month (AUD $29) for unlimited access 24-hours a day, which really is a bargain for your own Tardis.

In Australia in recent years, we have seen old telephone booths repurposed as wi-fi hotspots that make use of the existing infrastructure and make them fit for purpose in the 21st Century.

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