Predicting Coastal Flooding with Mapping

By Kathryn Cuddihy

Australians love to cycle to work, but what about a swim to work instead? Mapping data is enabling us to see how Australian cities may look in the not too distant future and the results are quite startling in some areas.

Climate Risk Australia has compiled their data with a series of Google Maps to show the effects of climate change on Australian cities and predicts where a rise in sea level could be felt the most through using a combination of tide and elevation data. This, as well as predictions for sea level rises under low, medium and high greenhouse gas emissions scenarios shows how our coast would change with each scenario.

Under a high emissions scenario you can see that Melbourne would look quite different:

Image source: The Guardian Australia
In Sydney, a high emissions scenario would see the world famous landmark, the Opera House submerged:

Image source: The Guardian Australia
Image source: The Guardian Australia

Click on the link below and simply type in your address to see how the different scenarios may affect you and your property.


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