Hit the wall

By Jessica Guirand

We have talked about walls in the past and the importance of their treatment in this forever changing environment.

We’ve seen innovative solutions being implemented in different parts of the world. Some of them might prove to be expensive, in particular from a building cost management perspective. Luckily, other interesting, contemporary and cheaper treatments can be used to spice things up. I came across this colourful mural completed by Artists Iker Muro and Louis Lambert (also known as 3ttman) on a building in Santa Cruz. (To be fair, I was not actually there to see it with my own eyes, but the images below speak for themselves.)

Image source: be-street.com

Image source: 3ttman (Instagram)
Have you come across eye catching artistic murals on existing or new development? Please share with us.


  1. Great work Jessica!
    The fisherman mural in Busan, South Korea is a powerful image set amongst the city's skyline. It conveys a story about the old and new of the city, how the traditional fishing industry has been overtaken by significantly more profitable industries. You can see it at:

  2. Thank you for sending this example through. We love to see examples of great contributions to the urban fabric.


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