Starting them young

By Claire Whelan

When I was in kindergarten we got to plant a seed and grow a Sweet Pea. When the seedling had established itself we took them home to plant in the backyard. Within a week my pride and joy had been mauled to death by a caterpillar. I was devastated. My gardening skills have improved marginally since then, and I can generally keep basic pot plants alive and well for several weeks, and some I have even had for a few years. I hadn’t given much thought to my ill-fated Sweet Pea until I saw this article, which cultivates (pun intended) the idea on a larger scale.

Image source: Archdaily

There is so much children can learn through growing and caring for plants and animals. But I also started thinking about the project from a sustainability perspective. Could it have the potential to capture the curiosity of children and build a confidence in gardening and growing that could create a generation of urban farmers?

Just keep that bunny well away from the lettuce!   


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