'Sistine Chapel' of skateboarding

By Amruta Purohit

I have seen quite few warehouses and other old industrial sheds being transformed into apartments and offices in Melbourne. At times it can be challenging to fit a functional apartment in these buildings, but the architecture of an old building creates a unique feel and adds character to a place.

The Spanish have taken the concept of transformation to a whole new level with an abandoned  church. The 100-year-old building has been transformed into a skate park and art installation. The project was led by Church Brigade, a group of enterprising individuals and is located in the northern Spanish town of Llanera. They started by collecting money to complete a basic ramp, however, as the word spread and they received more funds and the project expanded into a full skate park.

Image: Lucho Vidales

Image: Lucho Vidales

Image: Lucho Vidales
The project went through a two-stage process. The first stage involved installing an indoor skate park, the second stage involved painting bright and beautiful geometric figures to the walls and ceiling, giving the place a very iconic and distinct look. 

A space that had fallen into disuse as the end of the civil war has now become a place for skateboard pilgrims worldwide and a focus for the local community.

Read more here or to view more images of this beautiful transformation click here.


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