All night long

From January 2016, PTV will embark in a wild experiment by running the public network all night long on weekends. Although the budget has already been blown out, this transport trial is good news for a cultural city such as Melbourne and proves that we can step out of our comfort zone.

The year trial will see not only trains, trams and buses will run all night but also coaches to regional centres (V/Line). This will provide services to shift workers, Melbournians and visitors who do enjoy the city by night. It will hopefully boost the city by creating more jobs in relevant sectors of the economy.

This impressive operation will provide trams every 30 minutes and trains every hour departing from Flinders Street Station. It is also an opportunity to improve the existing NightRider service by improving the connections from train stations and suburban night-time destinations such as Brunswick.
Image source - The Age

Watch this space!
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