Must watch movies for Planners

Blade Runner art concept
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Looking to movies demonstrates how the urban landscape, form and a cities atmosphere has and can change over time.

Evandro C. Associate Professor of Urban Design, Urban Planning, Transportation Planning - JSUMS \ International Consultant has compiled a list of ‘epic’ movies that showcase cities and urban scenery including districts, neighbourhoods and public places.

His list includes:

· Blade Runner – Ridley Scott (1982) – The apocalyptic and dramatic future of our megacities

· The Million Dollar Hotel – Win Wenders (2000) – Impressive views of L.A.

· The Truman show – Peter Weir (1998) – The daily life in the suburban area

· Mon Oncle – Jacques Tati (1958) – The contrast between a traditional European neighborhood and the technology-driven emerging trend

· Amelie - Jean-Pierre Jeunet (2001) - Incredible images of Paris.

What do you think of his list? Can you add to it?

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