Tiny Talk

All the talk is about tiny apartments and how they could lead to poor amenity as a large portion of the population moves to the inner city and the apartments continue to shrink.

But what about those who choose to go tiny as an environmental and financial statement?

The tiny house movement is coming to Australia, starting in the nation’s capital it would seem.

The ABC has reported that Canberra man, Andrew Clapham, is planning to build his new tiny home largely with reclaimed materials in the back yard of his parents’ home.

Mr Clapham sees it as a great option for young people, who have very few options to get into the housing market and he’d like to see the tiny house movement grow in Australia.

This is a trend which started in the US and in many ways is a social movement about reducing the size of the space you take up and escaping mortgage debt. 68 per cent of tiny house owners have no mortgage. For more stats, visit: http://thetinylife.com/what-is-the-tiny-house-movement/

And if you Google ‘tiny house movement’ you’ll find plenty of blogs with people wanting to tell the story of how they downsized, with instructions on how to go about it.

Take this one for example: http://tinyhouseblog.com/stick-built/tiny-tack-house/

This is a nice idea while you’re asleep – just don’t plan on holding any parties!



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