Roads of tomorrow

Google’s driverless cars have clocked up hundreds of thousands of kilometers without incident in a quest to prove their safety as a viable alternative transport. However, one use of these cars that isn’t talked about, curiously enough for the search engine giant, is the ability to collect mapping information while on the move.

Designer Pernilla Ohrstedt teamed up with 3D-mapping specialists ScanLAB to create a prototype vehicle, one that would blur the lines between reality and the virtual world. The theory is that repeated scans by vehicles passing through will build a high-resolution virtual image of an area. Eventually, Ohrstedt says, “we have a perfect one-to-one replica that is constantly updating with information".

While such a tool can be incredibly useful as an exploratory resource, and an aid to the cars themselves, questions of privacy will no doubt arise when the technology is implemented. To what extent such tech becomes mainstream really depends on how much of it we allow.

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