Barcelona takes the Mayors’ prize


Bloomberg Philanthropies, former Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg’s charitable organization, has announced its winners of the 2014 Mayors’ Challenge Urban Revitalization competition. Each of the 155 entrants had different social, urban and/or transportation issues challenging them, with the winners being selected based on the ease of their solution’s translation to other cities.

The grand-prize winner (Barcelona) will receive 5 million Euros to implement their plan of a trust support network for their ageing population. The remaining four winners (Athens, Kirklees, Stockholm and Warsaw) will each receive 1 million Euros.

With the competition expanding from US cities in 2013 to European cities this year, perhaps the next edition will feature entrants closer to home. What challenges do you think we face, and how would you solve them?

Follow the link more details on the competition:


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