Ping Pong activation

Public Outdoor Ping Pong offers a unique place-making focus that provides dynamic, long-term improvements for community spaces.

Public Outdoor Ping Pong, a Perth-based company pairing communities with permanent, weather-proof and free-to-use outdoor table tennis tables.

Known as POPP, they make, paint and install 700kg, steel tables that are designed as both sporting infrastructure and art installations. POPP has now installed over 120 tables across Australia, in a diverse mix of locations, and for each we have seen great success in how they have activated open spaces and engaged communities.

RMIT Urban Square
Source: POPP

Source: POPP


  1. If it's your first table for the family, go for the lower end of the market and let your family beat the hell out of the ping-pong table while they are learning how to play. If someone in the family then decides to get serious about their table tennis, you should be ready to replace the worn out table with a nice middle-of-the-range model that will be appreciated and looked after properly.

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