Stairway to heaven

As part of many urban development projects we look at ways to get people engaged with their cities and local places.

But street artists have been doing their bit to make our cities beautiful in their own way for a long time and these examples of painted stairs from all over the world are a real inspiration, demonstrating that the art is perhaps going to new levels.

Imagine going out for a run and being faced with one of these amazing staircases – it might inspire you to make it all the way up?!

From the mosaic steps in San Francisco created by 300 local community members to the colourful piano keyboard in Beirut (where you might not expect to find such inspiration), it is amazing what a small group of people can do and how they then remain engaged and proud about their city or suburb once they’ve been involved.

Sometimes all it takes is a bit of imagination to create a beautiful urban space.



Credit: Kimhwan SEOULIST

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