Can't get enough of the trams

What are the things that make your city stand out? Things that should almost always be in the same sentence? Like Sydney and its Harbour Bridge, Opera House or beaches, Rome and the Colosseum or Rio and the Corcovado.

Well apparently for Melbourne it’s the trams – we just can’t get enough of them.

The Age newspaper recently ran a poll to ask its readers what they considered as the most distinctive or iconic features of the city, indicating that the Victorian Government was soon to put together a Distinctive Melbourne policy. 

The newspaper (or its journalist Aisha Dow) put forward their suggestion of the top 8 and asked readers to vote.

The options included the old tram network, graffitied streets, laneways (ever expanding with restaurants, cafes and retail surprises around every corner), the Hoddle grid and Victorian-era terraces. 

No MCG I hear you cry? What about Flinders St Station, the brilliant but sometimes maligned Fed Square or the colourful beach boxes on Brighton Beach?

Well a few of the reader comments did touch on our sporting precinct and the beautiful gothic and art deco architecture, but of the 5000+ who cast their vote online, 45 per cent went with the old tram network, with the next closest 25 per cent for the laneways.

Let’s hope the government has plenty of time for public input to its strategy as these kinds of discussions are always going to provoke people’s passion for their place. 

What is your best bit of Melbourne?




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