Would you pay to build this?

Would you donate money to your local Council to fund the construction of a local park?

New crowdsourcing platform Neighbor.ly is asking citizens to do just that, to put their hands in their pockets to fund local, civic projects, and it’s working! Neighbor.ly's mission is to connect communities with new funding sources, companies with new earned media opportunities and citizens with the community projects they care about.

Crowdsourcing sites such as Pozible have been around for years and are increasing in popularity as ways to fund grassroots initiatives - from independent movies to the development of products and raising money for charities. As our world moves increasingly online and social media spurs a bottom up approach to citizenship, perhaps it’s not surprising that active citizenship has taken this route.

From park benches to playgrounds to skate bowls to community Wi-Fi, Neighbor.ly gains community buy-in in the most literal way.

Check out some of the successful and proposed projects here and tell us what you think!

And if you’re interested you can also find out more about the Ideas Garden shown in our banner image.


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