We all want greater places

It may be hard to believe, but if you want to know the latest in urban design solutions, it’s possible that urban design’s very own version of Wikipedia, GreaterPlaces, might give you a few leads.

‘Discovered’ at a recent meeting of potential application developers in Washington, GreaterPlaces enables users to look for the latest solutions for cities from around the globe.

It’s an online community for urban and community design and GreaterPlaces says it’s for everyone involved in shaping a community. It covers topics as diverse as affordable housing to green infrastructure and transit oriented development.

They are encouraging the sharing of ideas and plans to enhance placemaking. And people really are sharing some interesting and innovative projects.

Read Sustainable Cities Collective’s take on the site and how it might help emerging economies: http://sustainablecitiescollective.com/embarq/239126/greaterplaces-emerging-wikipedia-urban-planners?ref=popular_posts

Or visit GreaterPlaces and see what you think.

Source: GreaterPlaces website


  1. Thank you for covering the site! In just two months we are growing - and so impressed with Australia's work. Plantastic is a great site - please add any stories you know that would be useful to others - http://greaterplaces.com/plan-a-topic/

  2. Thanks Lisa, we will definitely look at opportunities to add information to your site.


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