Pop-up house

This is a straightforward concept which aims at delivering passive houses that are affordable and accessible to all. To make this possible the team from Mutipod-studio designed an entire building by putting together insulation blocks separated by wooden boards. It only took four days and four people to assemble this prototype pop-up house.

Based on the prefabrication technique, this concept has a lot of advantages as it can be realised in a short timeframe to reduce the cost of labour, offers thermal insulation which will reduced the energy consumption of future residents, and uses lightweight recycled materials that are easy to manipulate. The prefabrication of the blocks and their mechanical properties add to the versatility of the concept, which can take various forms: a contemporary or traditional architectural style, single storey or mutli-storey residential or commercial building or simply a temporary installation.

Is this the affordable house of tomorrow?

Source: Popup-house website
Watch the video here or read more at: www.popup-house.com/


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