How about removing the roads?

As we work feverishly on increasing the number of big roads to cater for our ever-increasing population, in places like San Francisco, Boston and Madrid they are going the other way.

With a variety of approaches to giving the public spaces back to the people and increasing amenity and accessibility to waterways and parkland, there are some great examples around the world.

It appears there have been a number of drivers (so to speak) to prompt these major removal projects – earthquake damage to roads, the need to bring life back to a dying river, to the desire to boost the economic prospects of a slum neighbourhood. Whatever the reason you can’t deny the benefits which seem to be flowing from these no doubt contentious decisions to buck the trend (or create a new one).

The environmental benefits alone in Seoul are enough to make you sit up and take notice.


Have a look at some of these great examples on Gizmodo.


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