Made in Melbourne

In 2013, the state of Victoria made the big jump and joined a worldwide artistic festival trend which has flourished in cities such as Montreal, Chicago and Paris.

White Night Melbourne opens the doors of art to everyone and uses the urban environment to display modern installations and performances in a festive setting throughout the night. The obvious - but unexpected - success of last year built up the tension for this year's edition. Many of us did not know what to expect: would the festival be as successful as last year or would it fail to be as innovative and stick to the exact same formula?

Once again projectors illuminated Melbourne's prominent buildings, however the novelty of this year was the inclusion of new precincts, including the Northern Lights precinct north of Swanston Street. To the delight of the visitors, the State Library was reinvented thanks to colourful and psychedelic patterns inspired from both art and science.

Although Flinders Street music stage was taken out this year to improve mobility around the station, the success from last year bore fruit as the main streets remained flooded by an eclectic crowd. Families, teenagers, tourists and Victorians from all walks of life happily merged onto Swanston Street, wandering from precinct to precinct in search of the next musical performance or exhibition, or simply lay still on the lawn to ponder the city's temporary transformation.

The Premier says White Night Melbourne will be bigger and better again next year. What do you think? Did you go? What does it say about one of our major capital cities?

Crowd at the State Library

Installation at QV (Northern Lights Precinct)

Midden: Real-time 3D content visualisations at Birrarung Marr

State Library

Molecular Kaleidoscope

Molecular Kaleidoscope (projected on the ceiling of LaTrobe reading room)

Staring at the ceiling of LaTrobe reading room (State Library)

RMIT University

Purple Rain at RMIT courtyard

State Library Lawn

'R' for Melbourne at the Shadows precinct


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