Markets on the Move

An innovative new market proposal for Paris takes the hassle out of the set up and inevitable dismantling required for the typical temporary market site. Not to mention the other disruptions involved with these type of markets - the occupation of the road, footpath or property, the resulting waste and impacts on local traffic and access.

The pop up weekend market is an increasingly popular phenomena. Once reserved for those in more rural areas meeting to exchange produce, these ‘Farmers Markets’ have inundated city streets, vacant lots and car parks. Typically frequented by trendy city dwellers searching for fair trade, organic, sustainable, free range, unbleached everything; along with tourists; have become key community fixtures and meeting places.

The Paris market proposal is located on La Petite Ceinture - a 27km railway circumscribing central Paris that was abandoned during the 1930's as the Paris Metro became a more efficient transport mode. The railway line itself was preserved by indecision over its future, and is described as: A retreat from the city, and a home for underground culture. In places raised up, depressed or underground, it is an exceptional place to look back upon the city of Paris.

The market concept designers, Amílcar Ferreira and Marcelo Fernandes, have sought to eliminate all the negative aspects of organising urban markets and provide people with a more sustainable and fuss-free experience .

The travelling market concept involves the trains being fitted out as workshops and stores then picking up visitors and travelling around the city. 
Source: Inhabitat

Being only a proposal at this stage there is little detail on its actual operation. Do you think this could work? There would need to be a published timetable tracking the moveable markets location so people know where and when it will be accessible – some sort of app. even? I like the idea that it is moveable but I am not sure about it moving whilst I’m shopping and sipping my fair trade, organic soy mocha latte (oh did I say skinny) then ending up in a different destination than where I boarded/ forgetting to get off and being stuck while it does another loop. Maybe the market should be stationary for shopping, but also act as a mode of transportation between stations? And is this concept confined to only disused railway lines or could it be accommodated on some of Melbourne’s train lines…. That’s some (organic) food for thought.


  1. great idea- love it!

  2. The idea definitely is inspirational as it blurs the line between social trends, transport, history, food, etc.

    But I agree with the blogger the key is that it needs to stop. I think it should maybe stop for a whole day and its timetable is measured in days not hours...

    Great post,



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