Déjà vu

It's that time of the year when festivals and events seem to pop up at every corner of Melbourne much to the delight of locals and visitors alike, so long as you are actually able to make it to the party. The heat of recent has proved yet again to be the straw to the camels back of our rail network, leading to train carriages crawling around the CBD and forcing PTV to reassign services to where they are apparently most needed. For example, the questionable decision for tram 82 (Footscray -Moonee Ponds) to be suspended and replaced by buses until the next day (http://goo.gl/3vGdHe).

Our delicate roads were not spared their problems either, with the West Gate Bridge appearing to crumble over the Yarra River (Fortunately VicRoads later reassured drivers that this was ‘just a cosmetic problem involving the cracking of the bitumen’-Phew! False alarm). Traffic in other vital areas succumbed to sporadic standstill by vehicles unable to cope with the heat seeming to become stuck in the melting searing asphalt.

Source: The Telegraph UK

Like a leitmotif that keeps coming back, climate change debate resurfaces yet again. Whether or not we agree on what to call it or the specific causes is no longer relevant, occasional extreme weather conditions are apparently here to stay, so where do we go from here? Experts and average citizens alike seem to be raising their voices in favour of upgraded public transport, capable of dealing with not only the heat but the consistently growing demand while state government seem to be missing the train opting instead for yet more roads. Whatever your view may be I have no doubt it will be a popular topic at this years Sustainable Living Festival.

Just be sure to plan your journey ahead, it could be a hot day.

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