Frank Lloyd Wright Revisited

Press rewind and play for a short travel back in time. There you are in the 1930s in the United States of America, the fatal crash of the stock market has just lured the most powerful country in the world into the long cold years of the Great Depression. Lives of many Americans have been dramatically and forever changed but yet history is still in progress. The Time Magazine’s cover features Hailie Selassie I – The Emperor of Ethiopia - on the day of his coronation; Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times illuminates the screens of the cinema theatres to comically depicture the gearwheel of a consumerist society and reflects on the aftermath of the black Thursday; Meanwhile in rural Pennsylvania a home is being built over a waterfall for the Kaufmann family by the American architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Fallingwater, a national landmark, is listed among the Smithsonian’s List of 28 places to ‘visit before you die’ along with the Louvre and the Great Barrier Reef.

Now press forward to 2014, come on board and join the tour of great buildings by Frank Lloyd Wright with local Australian architect Malcom Carver. From June 29 to July 18, this tour will take you from Chicago to Los Angeles via Pittsburgh to contemplate and revisit the vision of Wright’s vision of organic architecture.

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