Blue Bike Saga

The regular hot Melbournian topic is back!

After 3 years of operation, the Melbourne Bike Scheme is up for expression of interest after the government announced that it is after a private operator to reinvigorate the current venture.

Only slightly used and now with courtesy helmets; there is opportunity for a private operator to come in, reinvigorate the scheme and expand it further. There is also opportunity to naming and branding rights.

The government is looking to a company that can run the system off its own merits and envisage it no longer require subsidies from the taxpayer.

Patronage is growing, with an average of 421 rides per day last month.

If you were to take over the Melbourne Bike Share Scheme, what would you do to ensure that it became a successful venture? Would you rename it, expand it or completely remodel it? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

To read more about the Melbourne Bike Scheme click here.


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