Cycle Safety Round the Globe

This article in The Guardian shows what it's like to cycle in several cities around the world including Malmo, Delhi, Berlin, Beijing, Paris, Moscow, Rome, Cairo, New York, Tel Aviv and Los Angeles.

Some cities have an entrenched cycling culture, all the infrastructure, and even free bike pumps (Malmo) and some provoke a near death experience each time (Delhi).  Other interesting things I learnt from this article:

  • Germany has a drink-drive limit for cyclists (0.16% - and seems England does not have a limit at all)
  • Cyclists were involved in more than 10,000 of China's 67,759 traffic accident-related deaths in 2009
  • Paris was the first city to introduce a city wide free bike scheme
  • In Rome in 2011, more bikes were sold than cars for the first time in decades, and their new mare is a bike fan.  Yay.
  • Cycling is not attempted much in Cairo.  Cairo Cycling Club was founded five years ago, it had just four members
  • Tel Aviv is apparently a cycle haven.  What with being flat and sunny, and having loads of bike share, looks nice.
Great to see that even in really tricky environments like Delhi and Cairo, that cycling is on the up, and we can clearly learn a thing or two from many of the examples laid out in the article.

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  1. I think you mean "mayor" not mare. I doubt that Rome's horse cares about bikes.


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