Tools to Redesign a Street Yourself

I've just spent the last 10 mins playing with this site 'blockee' to redesign Albert Road (outside the DLA office), the way I like.  Was pretty fun, so give it a try.

All you do is select an image from streetview (or load anything you like), then use the tool to add features to the street, such as street furniture, infrastructure and other activities.  Be patient with the toggle to select different features - this took a while to kick in, and only seemed to come up with features every second click, but there were heaps of different things to add.

As you can see, I've added a bike lane, solar panels, zebra crossing, bike parking, fruit and veg cart and free wifi to my street... yeah!

It's great to visualise these infrastructure upgrades and amenities in a street I'm familiar with - and that's what I love about this tool.  It's great to put the user in the drivers seat.  If more people became familiar with tools like this, and thought more about local street upgrades, who knows, might even result in some actual street upgrades.

Play here, and read on at Gizmodo.


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