TEDCity2.0: Join in September 20

City 2.0 is a web based platform that aims to bring together stories, ideas and debates focusing on grassroots 'movers and shakers' and urban thinkers across the globe.

According to City2.0, there's a lot to look forward to:

The emerging image is a complex picture of the future city-a place more playful, more safe, more beautiful, and more healthy for everyone.
The platform itself groups different themes together, such as housing, art, public health etc, and then links to a series of posts, videos and other snippets posted from different cities around the world.  The platform was the winner of a TED award, and has resulted in the upcoming TEDxCity2.0 event, 'TEDCity2.0: Dream me. Build me. Make me Real' which is happening on September 20, and is streamed free from NYC.  According to organisers:

TEDCity2.0 is a day-long TED event for urban innovators, organizers, stewards and builders - with live speakers, global conversations and activities.

Aussie participants will need to stay up late, with the session running from 11pm-7am Melbourne time.  The event will feature an 'unexpected' mix of over 20 speakers over 4 sessions that will focus on urban ingenuity and interdependence from across the globe. 

TEDCity2.0 will focus on how bright ideas turn into collective impact—through talks, breakout sessions and satellite events globally.
Session 1 looks at 'Redefining Citizen', Session 2 is 'Reinventing urban experience', Session 3 is 'Reimagining the city' and Session 4 is 'Redrawing Geographies'.

Those who are interested are encouraged to host their own local event to coincide with TEDCity2.0.  

Read more here at the TED website, and here for more information on City 2.0.


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