Train-Plane the Future of Air Travel?

When you think of future air travel, does it involve a train that can fly? And if this dream could be made a reality, would it even be a feasible option?

Apparently so.

EPFL Techincal University in Lausanne has created a model for a new type of flying device called 'Clip-Air.' The model produced shows a single flying wing that can be clipped onto interchangeable 'capsules' such as train compartments.

The model, which has capacity to hold 3 capsules each carrying 150 passengers was recently shown off at the Paris Air Show by its Swiss inventors. This is the equivalent of three A320 planes but with half the engines.

As well as economical savings, the capsules could fit into airports of today and can be compatible with rail tracks, allowing planes to leave out of a city centre and integrate with industry.

The EPFL has stated that 'it is more than a new type of flying device, its innovative concept could revolutionise the airports of the future.'

Scientists are also looking for alternative sources of fuel to make it more efficient.

What are your thoughts? Do you think that Clip-Air would appeal to you?

To see footage of the design concept click here.

This article by Kathryn Cuddihy (David Lock Associates)


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