Prefab Skyscrapers a Few 'Kliks' Away

Can prefab module housing make a skyscraper? Well, apparently so, according to Klik Australia, a project of Elenberg Fraser and Unitised Building Australia.

Gizmag describes the Klik system, which can be used for traditional housing, hotels and even 'super towers'.  The offering is targeted towards developers, architects and home-owners; "if you can tick a box, you can design a Klik Building".

The steps to creating one of these buildings are straightforward:

  1. Select Building Type (Linear, L/C/H shape, square)
  2. Select Apartment Type and Mix (1/2/3 bedrooms)
  3. Select Interior Packages (Design and Colour Palette)
  4. Select Architectural Design and Facade Treatment (articulation, glass and screens)

Prefab housing is nothing new, but I've never seen it in sky scraper form before. A bit of googling reveals that SkyCity, to be constructed in China will not only become the tallest building in the world (838m) - but that it is also prefab.

I wonder if this trend will continue? Given that these structures are cheaper and quicker to build, if they take off, the built form of cities will continue to change much more rapidly than ever before.

Read more at the Klik website here, or at Gizmag here.


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