Cable Car Commute

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO... it's Lagos' proposed cable car system. Ropeways Transport, a private company in Lagos is planning a cable car to "help ease the current transportation difficulties, and restore dignity to commuting".

This cable car system will cover three routes in the busy Nigerian city at an estimated cost of 500 million US $. Each leg is expected to accommodate 8,000 commuters per hour. According to Ropeways, the system "will provide commuters affordable, safe, timely and stress-free mode of transportation". Trips are expected to cost about $1.50 US.

So I'm not really sure what they mean by cable cars being a more dignified mode of transport (is it because they are high above the masses looking down?), but this comment aside, will cable cars ease congestion in the city?  On the plus side, they seem to be cheaper than rail infrastructure, and can transport a fair amount of people per hour.  On the negative, cable cars generally only go from one point to another, with no stops in between - so how convenient will it actually be for many people? 

Construction begins in November this year and is expected to be completed in 24 months.

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