A Day in the Office... in the Backyard

The Micro Office Systems Space (MOSS) designed by Victor Vetterlein is a new kind of flexible, portable contained office unit, designed to enable work-from-home options.  It's powered by solar and wind energy.  This offices are claimed to address the ills of the commute:

"Roadways are clogged, global emissions are high and causing unprecedented climate change and people are miserable from road rage".  So, the designers of MOSS suggest, what about working from home in one of these offices?

According to its designer, "MOSS provides each employee with a direct visual, audio, and data link to the main office and also a professional environment to hold small business meetings"

Why not just work in your study if you want to work at home? Good point.  But for those of the opinion that some kind of separation between home and office helps, this might strike a good balance. 

I think this design is really interesting because you can see how your backgarden can be transformed into something else - an office.  Whilst I don't think working from home is a big thing here in Australia, it can make sense sometimes.  Whilst there is no substitute for face to face meetings and interaction, do we need it all day every work day?  This CIO article explores the pros and cons of home offices, and whichever side you're on, the idea is well worth consideration.  According to CIO, workplace set ups are changing, with current trends favouring more communal space (and less private) and a greater shift to working from home.  If this trend continues, then the MOSS system just might make it to a few backyards near you.

Read on at inhabitat here, and dezeen here.  Read more on work place trends at CIO here.


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