Tiny Apartments to Meet Affordable Housing Challenge?

Blogger Nathan Hurst explores San Francisco's approval for a batch of 20m2 'micro apartments', which primarily target single occupiers working in the Silicon Valley.

According to the article:

"Depending on your perspective, the tiny living spaces are either a much-needed option for single people crushed by climbing rents, or community-destroying crash pads for young techie weekenders. Either way, the competition is fierce for creative floor-plan designs that do more with much, much less."

It is hoped that these tiny apartments will address the housing shortage in San Francisco and provide some more affordable housing options.

“We need to create more affordable housing in the city, we need to create more housing generally... we’ve never created enough in the city, and we’re paying the price for that now with incredibly high prices.”
Yep, these apartments are tiny, and allow for the necessary stuff (bed, couch, kitchen, bathroom), but putting amenity aside,will these microapartments actually do much to address affordable housing?  Supporters will be saying that more housing and more diversity of housing may allow singles an opportunity to enter a market which they would otherwise find prohibitably expensive, but what about low income families? What about housing for people on incomes too low to afford any housing at all (including these microapartments)? 

At the end of the day, while some singles might find themselves happy with their microapartments, I think it seems unlikely that apartments like this will correlate with better housing affordability overall.  What do you think?  Do you think this would be an option in Melbourne? How do you think this relates to Melbourne's development focus in renewal areas on smaller apartments?

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