Swimming the Next Form of Commuting?

Why catch the train when you can swim to work? Well that's what is being proposed as a concept  in part of Regent's Canal, London for the UK's Landscape Institute High Line competition - this idea from creators Alex Smith and David Lomax won 2nd prize (after the mushroom idea I wrote about last issue).

According to the article:

"The LidoLine would be a clean ‘basin’ inserted into the canal, allowing commuters to safely swim alongside boats separated by a three-layer membrane to filter the water."

"Like the tube, there would be a series of stations along route, where lockers and changing facilities would allow the amphibious commuter to change from speedo to suit, swimsuit to skirt, in time for their morning meeting."

Phew well that's one less thing to worry about - access to clothes.  That's if the icy London weather hasn't already put you off.  Apparently, the creators have thought about this, and propose that it be used as a fast ice skating track in winter (now this I would like to try, especially with some kind of hockey stick and a 'mighty ducks' vest).

Either way, I think this idea is pretty original, and I'm all in support of finding more options for active transport, so hey, worth a few minutes of consideration.  After all, it would also be kind of cool (literally) to get some swim training in on your daily commute!

Read more here.

Thanks to Teresa Qualtrough for sending this through.


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