'Futuristic' Architecture: Top Ten Examples

If funky architecture is your thing, then check out these designs.  Blogger Jamie Frater has put together a list of his Top 10 futuristic examples of architecture.

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Dragonfly, concept for NY

Nuragic and Contemporary Art Museum, Sardinia

The Top 10 buildings are:

1. Dragonfly (concept designed for New York) wing shaped vertical urban farm.

2. Lilypad (concept) A floating mini city capable of accommodating 50,000 at sea.

3. Gardens by the Bay (complete, Singapore) parks and gardens including some large bloom like structures towering above actual trees.

4. Beijing International Airport (complete, Beijing) terminal 3 is the highlight, looks pretty smooth.

5. Nexus Media Centre (concept, UAE) primarily for data storage, kind of resembles an insect in appearance (clearly not my favourite)

6. Songjiang Hotel (concept, Songjiang) hotel with giant lagoon.

7. Crescent Moon Tower (concept, Dubai) self explanatory really.

8. Hangzhou Waves (in progress, Hangzhou)

9. Nuragic and Contemporary Art Museum (in progress, Sardinia)

10. Khat Shatyr (complete, Astana) Entertainment centre in Kazakhstan.

Many of these are still in the making (or still at the design stage), but some are complete.  What do you think?  Would you marvel at one of these in your city or would you gasp in horror?

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