Billboards: Watch This Space

This idea to replace billboards with mini sky forests popped up on Kickstarter a few weeks back, and has also been discussed on planetizen.

According to its creators:
"UrbanAir transforms existing urban billboards to living, suspended bamboo gardens. Embedded with intelligent technology, UrbanAir becomes a global node - an open space in the urban skyline… An artwork, symbol, and instrument for a green future."

These bamboo gardens would also be used to monitor air quality, transmitting info via Wifi to whoever us interested.

Ok, so I think these would kind of look a little strange driving over the bolte bridge, but a splash of green has gotta look better than advertising, and if I was stuck in traffic I know I'd prefer to stare at bamboo trees than slogans.  I'm also quite impressed with the government in LA, who have already agreed to provide a billboard for a test run.  Good on them for testing out new ideas.

Read more on the kickstarter page here (including a video).


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