A Frequency Map of Melbourne's PT

 Human Transit blog has posted  a map by Campbell Wright showing frequencies of public transport in Melbourne between business hours.

A number of observations are made on the blog, but there's no surprises here:
  • Cross town travel is difficult, with few connections between different parts of the city.
  • Parts of Melbourne that could support high frequency crosstown service, like the inner north, or the Port Melbourne-St Kilda corridor don't have as much as they should.
  • Outer areas have much less than inner (and lower frequencies).

This map is also useful just as a transport map in Melbourne - it's hard to find a map that shows all train, tram and bus networks at once.  It would be nice to see this map overlaid with population densities to see how it correlates with where people live.

Read on, and view the map.

Thanks William Lai (Geografia) for sharing this.


  1. More scary is what is not shown... the extents of Melbourne not covered by the mapping. Most of Brimbank and all of the Melton/Wydham and Casey/Cardinia Growth Areas... A map of the whole of Greater Melbourne Metro Area would clearly show the disparity between inner and outer Melbourne. The people on the fringe being given no alternative but to drive. I think that's even more worrying than missing cross town connections.


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