Windstrument: Making Wind Turbines Kind of Pretty

'Windstrument' is the name given to this new design for wind turbines. These flower-like turbines are designed for residential/commercial use and are apparently affordable, quiet, powerful, bird-safe and scalable.

I think the backdrop of the photo is deceiving (they'd look very different mounted on top a building), but I still reckon that I wouldn't mind seeing a few of these from my window.  It's always good to see new designs for harnessing renewable energy that might make it more appealing to use more widely in our cities. Sure, the real incentive for embracing renewables (you know, that thing called climate change) should be enough of an incentive to get on board even if they don't look amazing, but for some who take more convincing that they will not be staring at an eyesore, this may do the trick.

Read the inhabitat article here or watch a video by the manufacturers here.


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