StreetView to SeaView

Google maps have a new angle - under the sea.

Blogger Anita Li describes "With a simple click or swipe, users can explore the subacquatic world, including Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, Hawaii’s Hanauma Bay and Apo Islands in the Philippines"

This below-sea-level project is still in its early stages, and currently, there are only 6 panoramas of underwater coral reefs, but there should be more to come.

Seems a good idea to make these ocean-scapes publicly available to all through google maps - research has shown these reefs are rapidly declining thanks to things like cyclones, prevalence of exotic species, pollution, climate change etc, so maybe this information can be used to help document the state of the reefs, bringing them into public consciousness to a greater extent.  Another bonus is that it gives us map happy planners/designers yet another dimension to explore!

Watch the you tube clip here, read on here or here


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