Victorian Planning Documents - Find 'Em Here

Stephen Rowley (of Sterow fame - a blog on 'Film, Urban Planning, Etc') has put in the hard yards to create (and maintain) a comprehensive database of Victorian urban planning documents - one link to find them all!

The Victorian Planning History Database is updated regularly, and includes a huge range of planning docs old and new - a few things I had a peek at were 'Cutting the Red Tape: Recommended Actions for a Better Victorian Planning Scheme' from 2006 and the latest information on the Minister's new zones.  This is a wealth of planning policy information - and if you're looking for some specific policy - odds are you'll find it.

The database uses free reference software Zotero to store these docs, so you'll need to sign up - but don't be put off - the whole process took less than 5 mins, and that is 5 minutes you'll save trying to navigate through other websites to find what you're looking for.

Click here for more info.


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