Australia's Hippest Suburbs

The Urbanist examines a study by Urbis, nicknamed 'The Hip List' which picks out the 'hippest' suburbs in Australia.

According to the study, Melbourne's hippest suburbs include Brunswick, Brunswick East, Collingwood, West Melbourne, St Kilda, Travancore and Fitzroy.

The study used the suburbs of Redfern in Sydney and Collingwood in Melbourne as benchmarks and came up with a list of resident characteristics in these areas, which were used as measures of hipness elsewhere. Hip resident characteristics include high proportions of people who are:
  • Aged 20-39
  • Unmarried
  • Tertiary qualified 
  • No religion
  • Medium-high density housing
  • Don't live in families
  • Don't drive
These characteristics were measured for suburbs throughout Australia, and those scoring 10% or over for each of these criteria made the cut.

Does this mean you are inherently trendy if you tick all those boxes?  And if you are in one of these hip suburbs, would you be happy about that and rejoice in the presence of like minded people?  Or would this be a sure sign that your neighbourhood was in the process of losing the diversity and unique characteristics that attracted you there in the first place?

However you see it, this study can start some interesting conversations and get you thinking about where your favourite neighbourhoods are, and what it is you like about them.

See the urbanist for more details, or link to the urbis study here


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