Welcome to Copenhagen 2025

The opening page quotes "predicting is very difficult, especially about the future" but apparently not for Copenhagen who has produced a shiny guide welcoming us to their city in 2025.

This guide is based on principles of sustainability, and covers everything from architecture, design, transport, environment and economy (even referring to themselves as the 'green tiger' - love it!) to ageing populations, child friendly activities and urban agriculture (including bee keeping).

The only thing I'm not sold on is the city's plans to build a massive mountain outside the city.  Seriously.

"Construction will take more than 200 years, but once finished, a 3.5km mountain will be located just outside the city".

Reasons for this are cited as an increase in biodiversity and potential for hydropower from snow run-off.  Now I'm no expert, but surely constructing a huge artificial mountain will have considerable environmental impacts (you know, altering eco-systems, that kind of thing).  Strange that this is surrounded by 120 pages of 'sustainability' rhetoric.  The other side of the coin is that we've been messing around with nature for centuries, right?

Crazy mountains aside, page 80 also makes for interesting reading, mentioning the city's international inspirations - where you'll find Melbourne listed alongside the likes of Portland, New York, Curitiba, Singapore, Hamburg, Beijing and others.

"Melbourne: The Worlds most liveable city, a success story in stopping urban sprawl"

Hmmm.  Have they visited our urban growth boundaries lately?

Anyway, the thing I like about this document is that its a really simple idea, but it is really effective.  You get a really good sense of what the city might be like in the future if certain ideologies and policy objectives are followed (encouraging bikes, renewable energy etc).  You can really see how proud these people are of their city.  And overall, there is clearly a lot to be proud of!

Have a look at Guide to Copenhagen here.  For more info on Mount Copenhagen click here


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