To Drive or Not to Drive? The Influence of Parking

Australian Planner recently published an article exploring the link between employee parking in  Melbourne's CBD and sustainable transport options.  The research undertaken by Amruta Pandhe (DLA) with University of Melbourne's Dr. Alan March, conducted surveys of almost 200 commuters (mix of car and PT) quizzing them about their choice of travel to work.  Results showed that over 50% of car users would no longer drive if parking was unavailable, with the lions share (35%) reporting that they would shift to PT.

Primarily, this study shows that restricting parking in the CBD is potentially the most powerful mechanism affecting travel choice.

Parking is the 3rd largest user of floor-space in the CBD, do we really need all this prime space for cars that carry one person to work?  Should parking be further restricted and force that 35% to shift to PT?

The full article is available here


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