Green Roofs: Singapore and Australia

I have recently returned from a trip to Singapore where I saw possibly the most fun green roof ever.

I have never seen a green roof quite like this – accessible to all from ground level.  Walk up, saunter down.  Or even better – embrace your inner child and roll.  Chill out on the grass.  Have a picnic.  If only more buildings included green roofs as accessible and functional as this!

Planning policy in Singapore requires new developments to replace the area of site coverage with green space on site – and this is often done with roof top gardens and vertical greenery.  

Australia is also beginning to see more rooftop gardens, such as this one at the City of Melbourne offices (shown below).  

Green roofs and vertical greenery have their issues; they are costly and can be tricky to maintain.  However, they convey a range of benefits from storm water management, reducing energy costs and contributing to a reduction in C02 emissions.  Perhaps best of all, they also create a place for activity and fun!

See here for more info on the Nanyang Art School green roof.  

Follow this link to read a recent age article about green roofs in Melbourne and Sydney.  

Check this out to see more about the benefits of green roofs.


  1. That, on the first picture is indeed, a stunning green roof, and the best part about it is that the grass is incredibly green and shiny. I’d love to jog around, have a picnic with my family, or just lay down on that dazzling green roof. It’s heartwarming to know that Australia and some other countries are starting to install green roofs on their houses and buildings. Little did we know that these roofs are going to help reduce pollution and improve the environment’s air quality.

    Kip Whitehead

  2. “I have never seen a green roof quite like this – accessible to all from ground level.”---Same here! Are people really allowed to walk over there? Haha! If I owned the place, I wouldn’t allow anyone to step in there. Haha. It’s not about being selfish, but I feel like it’s better to be an attraction to preserve its beauty. :))

    Eugene Head

  3. “Or even better – embrace your inner child and roll.”--- I think this could be one of the best things you can do in this green roof. Well, you will always have that childish innocence within you, and I think there’s nothing wrong if you act like a child sometimes. It’s really the simplest way to enjoy a beautiful place like this.

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