Council Driven Round the Bend

The Age has reported that the Minister’s plans for the development of Fishermans Bend have Port Philip City Council up-in-arms.  The article cites concerns that Council weren’t included in the process, and that their own plan (Montague Structure Plan – developed over 2 years including community consultation) may be sidelined.
The acting Mayor (Councillor O'Conner) was quoted:
“We find it very surprising we weren't given any forewarning - the City of Port Phillip … is far better placed to understand the key issues and the impacts on the community''.

The media release from City of Port Phillip adds:

 “Today’s announcement sidelines the rights of Council and its residents to properly plan for the renewal of this area. This decision by the Minister to ignore our carefully developed vision is of significant concern in relation to what the future might bring in these planning matters.”

Overseen by Places Vic, the Plan for Fishermans Bend includes rezoning up to 240Ha of land to Capital City Zone.  The area has the potential to accommodate 50,000 residents and 25,000 workers. 

The region’s inner city location, large size and lack of residential neighbours mean that Fishermans Bend presents a considerable opportunity to provide much needed housing in inner Melbourne.  However, some fear a Docklands style result, raising concerns over facilities, open space, schools and public transport.

For a site of such importance, it’s worrying (although perhaps not surprising) that there seems to be a lack of transparent, genuine partnerships between State and Local Government.  How can we promote positive outcomes for the broader community if we can’t work through conflicts at different levels of Government?

And on that note - in the interests of transparency, a disclaimer that DLA assisted Council in the production of the Montague Structure Plan.

Read the Age article in full here
View the Minister’s recent Media Release here
Port Phillip's media release is here


  1. Man, it's always terrible when the senior government comes in and takes over the local, and carefully planned, developments. The same thing happened here in the U.S. with the Interstate Highways and we're all realizing the negatives to that here. I love how they developed the docklands in Amsterdam, as shown in the episode of e2 I mention in this blog post:


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