Minister Amps Up Fishermans Bend, E-Gate and Richmond Station

The Victorian Minister for Planning, Matthew Guy (rumoured as being groomed to replace Baillieu come next election), has just announced that he will be implementing Amendment VC92 to the Victorian Planning Provisions which will:

Specifically reference Fishermans Bend, E-Gate and Richmond Railway Station as areas for mixed use urban renewal.
"This puts Fishermans Bend, E-Gate and Richmond Station in the same category as the CBD, Southbank and Docklands," Mr Guy said.
"We are providing a clear planning framework to designate these as areas for major urban renewal and this move signifies to the community and industry that we are serious about advancing these proposals, and that rezoning will progress as soon as possible.
"Fishermans Bend will be Australia's first inner city urban growth area. The Coalition Government is providing opportunities for Melburnians to live in both inner city locations and suburban locations," Mr Guy said.

Amidst the debate about the recent massive expansion of the now absurdly named 'Urban Growth Boundary',  Mr Guy is also ramping up inner-city renewal precincts.

Like greenfield expansion, a political benefit of this grey/brownfield renewal is that no one currently lives there and therefore people don't get too worked up about it (likely with the notable exception of Richmond Station).

But can we really blame the Minister? The recently released Census data shows that Melbourne's growth is as strong as ever, set to surpass Sydney within 15 years. And people have to live somewhere. It's just a shame that the emphasis appears to be fading from Activity Centres toward these isolated renewal areas, and the urban fringe.

Read the Media Release here.

Some more Census news here.

UPDATE: Today's Financial Review also has mention of 'light rail routes' going into Fisherman's Bend, and a continuation of Collins Street tram across a new bridge.


  1. Three thoughts:
    a) all these announcements seem to be coming out before the Metro Strategy is prepared;
    b) why are we apparently throwing the baby out with the bath water? Melbourne 2030 was a sound document that emphasised consolidation in ACs and areas of god PT. Sustainable development 101. The issue is about implementing this and making sure Local Authorities comply with state guidance; and
    c) where will people actually work? we seem to be getting rid of all our industrially zoned land in well located areas.


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