Giant Aquarium Sits Inside Hotel Lobby, Blows Minds

I don't use this word often, but this thing is epic.

It sits inside a hotel in Berlin (the Raddison Blu Hotel), with two full time divers responsible for keeping all the inhabitants fed and healthy. A glass elevator travels up and down its core, providing something of a unique view for an above ground elevator. 

Here's some amazing archi-speak from about the aquadom:

The concept (if you can call it that) behind the aquarium appears similar to that of super-furnitures, in that it was designed to accommodate, if not galvanize perceptive shifts in the observant’s spatial memory. In the case of the Aquadom, the structure inhabits two opposing premises, that of scaling up a domestic glass tank populated with goldfish and tiny reef-like mounds and, conversely, of harnessing the ocean and perversely introducing it into a man-made environment. 

Right on. Read more. See more pics here. 


  1. This image just blew my mind. I am so fascinated after knowing about this giant aquarium that sits inside this hotel. Its completely unbelievable, I wish I got a chance to see this amazing miracle.
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