An Entirely Underground Park - Why Not, You Ask?

Well, because, light, I would reply. Photosynthesis, I'd then add, just to be more specific. Ah-ha, fibre optics you'd retort!

What am I talking about? New York, the home of the now absurdly famous (in planning/design circles) High Line, is now considering the Low Line. It's like the High Line, except it's underground. In a cool looking disused rail shunting area or something. It's located in area that is apparently in dire need of some open space. 

The real interesting idea here isn't just the concept of inserting new parks into a big city, its the technology behind the light transference devices that will apparently let the trees photosynthesise. The project is trying to find funding at the moment, and I'd wager that they need to prove this technology concept before anyone coughs up much cash. Can we really transfer light from solar panels via optic fibres and have plants live happily on this transferred light? Give us a proof of concept first!


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