A Beautiful, Simple, Rooftop Garden

Words fail me. Imagine stepping out of your apartment in the middle of the city to this Shangri-La. It's stunning. I would literally prefer to live up here in a tent than live in 95% of the houses in Australia.

Those couches will certainly bring the ladies to your rooftop yard.
What I love about it is that it doesn't actually look too hard to do. The plants appear to be all be pot-based. The furniture is probably pricey but not out of the ordinary. And the roof space isn't really that large. The non-permeability and low level of ground soil/plant cover may reduce the WSUD and energy savings benefits respectively for the building beneath, but who gives a rats - it looks like paradise.

On the larger topic of green roofs, I can appreciate why it may be difficult/not a great idea for Council to mandate such things, but the real question is: Developers: why not do this? Do you not like money?

Anyway, see more pictures at the green urbanist here.


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