Public Transport Needs Billions Says State Auditor-General Des Pearson.


In other news, the Pope's a Catholic.

The Age reports:

PUBLIC transport in Victoria has been dragged down by years of poor management and planning, and needs an annual injection of $3 billion if it is to cope with growing demand, according to a report by state Auditor-General Des Pearson.

The report, tabled in State Parliament yesterday, found that public satisfaction with trains, trams and buses has declined in the past decade, and that all modes of public transport have regularly failed to meet government performance standards. The worst decline in satisfaction was for Melbourne's trains, the report found.

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  1. Metro has been getting a bad rep for its poor performance but they have always said that in order to create a decent public transport system the equivalent of Japan, Hong Kong etc would require billions and billions of investment. Maybe JV's are appropriate where developers are allowed to develop above train stations such as Richmond, South Yarra etc in exchange for investment in new infrastructure including stations similar to an approach in Hong Kong.


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